ALD Coupling Solution

ALD Coupling solution is used for the reduction of Schiff bases. Many aldehyde-activated resins require a reducing agent to form a stable secondary amine linkage from the temporary Schiff-base formed between the aldehyde and amine-containing protein. Sterogene has developed a solution utilizing the milder reducing agent sodium cyanoborohydride (NaBH3CN). This material is sufficiently strong enough to couple the ligand to an activated aldehyde without reducing it. The ALD Coupling Solution is prepared using a highly purified form of the NaBH3CN solid that is free of NaBH4 contamination. This is desired amongst customers as increased levels of NaBH4 can cause a reduction of proteins. Please see Actigel ALD for further information.

Product Code: 9704

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Table 1. Resin Characteristics

Product Code 9704
Chemicals High Purity 1M NaBH3CN
Storage Conditions 2-8oC
Toxicity See MSDS
Drug Master File U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Instructions for Use

Sterogene Bioseparations makes a Cyanoborohydride-based coupling solution that is recommended for use with ALD Actigels. The advantage of this ALD Coupling Solution is that it is free of NaBH4, which is a more aggressive reducing agent and can reduce coupling efficiency and possibly reduce the activity of the ligand. NaCNBH4 from commercial suppliers contains variable amounts of BaBH4, but at Sterogene Bioseparations we take care to produce a product that does not contain measurable amounts of borohydride ions.

Detailed coupling conditions are found in the instructions for use for the ALD Actigels, but our recommended protocol calls for one-fifth volume of Coupling Solution when added to the resin and ligand. Room temperature incubation for concentrated samples is complete at two hours, and quenching of free aldehydes with a primary amine requires an additional 20 minutes. If cross-linking is performed on ice or in a cold room, 6-8 hours may be required for coupling, with an additional hour for quenching.

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INST 9704 ALD Coupling Solution

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